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hold my heart

a jane austen and elizabeth gaskell icontest community

hold my heart—an icontest community
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a jane austen, elizabeth gaskell, and charles dickens icontest community

This is an icontest community dedicated to the works of Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Charles Dickens as well as the movie adaptations of their works. Your moderators and maintainers are wunderkind_lucy and aravisautarkeia. We will post challenges on a weekly basis and look forward to seeing all the beautiful icons you can create!

welcome to

named after Tenth Avenue North's Song "Hold My Heart"

In addition to the rules given in the challenge (such as theme, number of icons submitted, etc.), we have several concrete rules:

1. Please do not post icons with any sort of nudity, profanity, or kissing in them. (Even abbreviated phrases that contain profanity.) We would like to keep this community family-friendly.

2. Do post both the img src as well as the url.

3. If you do enter a contest, please remember to vote!

4. Have fun!

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