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Challenge 42: Voting

I apologize for getting up the votes late. Things kind of got crazy for me.

♥ Please copy and paste the code below and post as a reply to this entry.
♥ The votes for first, second and third place are weighted.
♥ You may vote for an icon in more than one category.
Don't vote if you entered this challenge.
♥ Do not vote for yourself, please!
♥ Comments are screened.

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Continuing with Challenges or Going on Hiatus

Since getting entries and votes for this community has been a bit of a struggle, I thought I'd do one more poll to see if there's still any interest in this community. I know the icon community has lost quite a few users, and people aren't able to participate as much as they used to. Maybe it's time to close this community. If you could participate in this poll, and/or leave comments/suggestions. That'd be great! Thank you so much!

I am extending Challenge 42, so feel free to participate.

Should we continue having challenges, or should the community be put on hiatus?

I would like to continue participating in challenges
We should have one final challenge before putting the community on indefinite hiatus.
I don't think I can participate in the challenges, so we should go ahead and put the community on indefinite hiatus.
I think there are still people on LJ who would be interested in participating in this community.
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Challenge 41: Tie-Breaker

♥ Don't vote if you have an icon in the poll.
♥ Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.

This poll is closed.

vote for ONE.


Also, the deadline for Challenge 42: Valentine's Day is in two days, and we have no entries.
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Challenge 42: Valentine's Day

01. No animated icons.
02. Make sure your icon is 100x100 and 40kb or less.
03. Submit your entry in a comment on the challenge post, include the img src and the url. The comments will be screened.
04. Your submissions must remain anonymous.
05. You may enter up to 4 icons.
06. You may use images from the following Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Charles Dickens adaptations: Pride and Prejudice (1940, 1980, 1995, and 2005), Sense and Sensibility (1981, 1996, and 2008), Emma (1972, Miramax, and 2009), Persuasion (1995 and 2007), North and South (2004), Cranford (2007), Return to Cranford (2009), Bleak House (2005), Little Dorrit (2008), Martin Chuzzlewit (1994), Wives and Daughters (1999).
07. Remember to follow the rules found here

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought it might be fun to have a Valentine theme for this challenge. Some examples include Valentine-themed text, Valentine colors, lace, little hearts, ribbons, etc. You could even make your icon look like a Valentine card! Just remember to follow the rules and have fun!


aravisautarkeia x2 | visionsbeyond x2

Deadline: Friday, February 14, 6:00 PM EST (countdown) Friday, March 13, 6:00 PM EST (countdown)